Whether your fleet utilizes five or fifty CNG-powered vehicles, Ozinga can get you up and running with compressed natural gas fast for as low as $200,000. We offer a variety of CNG station layouts and CNG fueling solutions to help you find the best fit for your fleet. With a vast knowledge of CNG station implementation and various CNG solutions, we can assess your needs for today and prepare you for future growth.

Station Custom Design and Construction

From fast-fill to time-fill, our team will work with you to determine the right type of CNG station that best suits your current needs while also offering a vision for the future.


  • Deliver CNG as quickly as traditional liquid fuels, with delivery speeds up to 20 gasoline gallon equivalents (GGEs) in less than five minutes.
  • Perfect for fleets requiring occasional fill-ups throughout the workweek
  • Can be converted for retail use



  • Lower cost option
  • Can be designed and scaled to meet your fleet fueling needs
  • Perfect for fleets that are home every night

Build a Station

Find out how much you can be saving and how long your investment takes to pay for itself

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