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Michigan City
Michigan City Before partnering with Ozinga in 2016, Michigan City serviced its lone compressed natural gas (CNG) garbage truck and Vac truck with two small CNG compressors and one CNG storage sphere. The compressors often broke down and made it difficult to expand the city’s CNG fleet. Michigan City was utilizing CNG technology before partnering [...]
Testa Produce
Testa Produce Testa Produce has been an Ozinga customer since 2013 when the company purchased its first round of compressed natural gas trucks. Testa’s fleet now includes 26 CNG trucks and four CNG day cab tractors with nine more CNG trucks expected in 2019. “We chose to become a partner with Ozinga because Ozinga had [...]
City of Hobart

City of Hobart As a city passionate about environmentally friendly initiatives, Hobart, Indiana, population 30,000, began using CNG-fueled garbage trucks in 2014. Over the next couple years Hobart received additional grants for more trucks, always relying on Ozinga’s Gary CNG station for fill ups.

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