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As a city passionate about environmentally friendly initiatives, Hobart, Indiana, population 30,000, began using CNG-fueled garbage trucks in 2014. Over the next couple years Hobart received additional grants for more trucks, always relying on Ozinga’s Gary CNG station for fill ups. This 40-mile drive quickly became unsustainable — so with the help of South Shore Clean Cities, the city applied for a grant for their own station.

“We assisted the city in reviewing contractors’ bids to make sure they met federal and city guidelines,” said Carl Lisek, Executive Director of South Shore Clean Cities. “Ozinga met all the specifications… This was a win-win not only for the city, but also for NW Indiana, because of Ozinga’s reputation for doing things right.”

After gaining a full understanding of the city’s current needs and long-term goals, we built a time-fill station with fast-fill capabilities, ensuring in-demand vehicles like snow plows can fuel up quickly and get back out on the road. And since installation in 2017, Hobart has seen an increase in overall efficiency, thanks to the convenience of having the fueling station on-premise, as well as savings.

“We’re talking 40 cents a gallon for CNG fuel, versus over $3 a gallon for diesel fuel,” said John Dubach, Hobart’s Director of Public Works. “Our financial savings sure made this idea a lot easier to sell.”

Today the city runs five municipal vehicles on CNG, with plans to add three more next year, and has also installed a CNG-compliant maintenance garage next to the station. Ozinga continues to run monthly maintenance and is available 24/7 for service to ensure the City of Hobart’s fleet stays up and running. Next up are training sessions for the local fire department and public officials, educating them on safety and emergency protocol.

“This was the right thing to do,” said Dubach. “We believe in looking out for the future… We had a lot of confidence in Ozinga, and now together, we’re looking at the big picture.”

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