Testa Produce

Testa Produce has been an Ozinga customer since 2013 when the company purchased its first round of compressed natural gas trucks. Testa’s fleet now includes 26 CNG trucks and four CNG day cab tractors with nine more CNG trucks expected in 2019.

“We chose to become a partner with Ozinga because Ozinga had been in the compressed natural gas space a lot longer than we had,” said Claire Cameron, Testa Facility & Quality Assurance Manager. “Knowing that they knew the technology and had the fueling infrastructure we could trust and rely on was important when we first started out.”

CNG is an affordable and abundant U.S.-sourced fuel that burns 90% cleaner than current EPA standards and emits 21% fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

CNG trucks made perfect sense for the 100+ year old company, as sustainability is extremely important to Testa. Its office building is the first LEED® Platinum Refrigerated Food Distribution Facility in the United States and includes sustainable features like wind turbine energy production, solar hot water heating, and pole mounted photovoltaic panels in the parking area.

The customer relationship has been extremely beneficial for Ozinga and Testa, with both organizations sharing sustainability best practices and attending the same industry events centered around alternative fuels and encouraging others to adopt green fuels for their own fleets.

Watch the video below to learn more about Testa and Ozinga.

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