Michigan City

Before partnering with Ozinga in 2016, Michigan City serviced its lone compressed natural gas (CNG) garbage truck and Vac truck with two small CNG compressors and one CNG storage sphere. The compressors often broke down and made it difficult to expand the city’s CNG fleet.

Michigan City was utilizing CNG technology before partnering with Ozinga to bolster their fueling capabilities with a Bauer compressor.

The Sanitary District of Michigan City has since added two additional CNG garbage trucks and six dual-fuel pick-up trucks running on CNG and gasoline. Last year, they added a second compressor and a second fueling station. Michigan City plans to purchase two CNG dump trucks in the near future.

“We’ve had a really good relationship (with Ozinga),” said Darren Pflaumer, Lead Mechanic, Sanitary District of Michigan City. “Everyone’s very friendly, easy to work with; I’ve enjoyed it.”

Pflaumer worked closely with Ozinga Energy to plan the installation of the second compressor and the additional fueling station. Installation went smoothly—the fueling station was up and running within a week.

“They were very knowledgeable, and they could answer any questions we had,” said Pflaumer regarding Ozinga Energy. “I try to recommend Ozinga any chance I get for anyone that’s interested in CNG.”

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